mental health sermons by Asian Americans

How can pastors and churches talk about the important topic of mental health from the pulpit, with a biblical and theological foundation? We can learn how to talk about it together.

These sermons provide valuable examples and resources for Asian American Christians and churches to speak about mental and emotional wellness. (With your help—please add to this list by contacting CAMH—we’ll update this list to crowdsource and share our collective voices.)

Pastor David Kim @ The Garden Church (Chatsworth, CA) in April-May 2023

Daniel Im @ Beulah Church (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)

Dr. Sam D. Kim @ (New York, NY)

South Bay Community Church (Torrance, CA)

NewSong Church – Sound Mind series (Santa Ana, CA)

Feeling Anxious – Pastor Mark Lee

Asian American Sermons on Shame

More Sermons about Mental Health (by non-Asian Americans) – more sermons, messages, and talks by other Christian pastors, leaders, and experts “The Gospel and Mental Health” with Kay Warren (July 2015)

Hold On To Hope
Keep Hope in Mind – sermon series

673 sermons on mental health at ​​

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