Christian Asian Mental Health (CAMH) seeks to encourage, educate, and empower us to advance mental health for every person to resolve the mental health crisis nationwide. CAMH is a program of Catalyst Wellness Alliance (CWA). In plain English, CAMH provides resources and coaching for every Asian American church to launch their mental health ministry.

Our role is to amplify the stories, programs, resources and to collaborate with ministries, organizations, individuals, to advance compassion and care about mental health for every person. Our hope is seeing churches and faith communities being known as a safe place for support, healing, where imperfect people to come together to demonstrate loving our neighbors.

Listen, watch, and subscribe to the Erasing Shame podcast for on-going conversations about encouraging Christian Asian mental health.

Who is CAMH

DJ Chuang, Director

Jefferson Lee, Co-Founder

Contact Email: [email protected] | phone 949-243-7260 | Schedule a Meeting