Asian American Christian Network of Atlanta’s Mental Health Resource List

This mental health resource list compiled by Asian American Christian Network of Atlanta is valuable, both for people in the Atlanta area, and as an example for other cities and regions to do likewise. This list consists of ministries, spiritual directors, counselors, and mental health professionals. Asian American Christian Network of Atlanta

Join or Start a Healing Group

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Does your church desire to join Jesus in caring for one another, making time to listen to one another’s stories without judgment, on a journey to healing and deeper freedom in Jesus? If so, healing groups are a wonderful resource to consider.  1. What is a healing group?    A healing group is designed to be … Read more

statistics on churches and mental health show challenges

There’s a lot of info, data, and research about mental health, especially in medical and academic research, and now more than ever, the topic of psychology and spirituality are intersecting: “The importance of spirituality in mental health is now widely accepted.” Verghese, Abraham. “Spirituality and mental health.” Indian journal of psychiatry vol. 50,4 (2008): 233-7. … Read more

why we need more than awareness about mental health

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Even though we’re seeing more awareness and openness about the struggles with loneliness, depression, and anxiety, the statistics show that the overall health of Asian Americans is not improving. For example, Also, Christians are not immune to emotional and mental struggles: This urgency calls for a response right now. Since churches gather more Asian Americans … Read more

CAMH becomes a program of Catalyst Wellness Alliance

Since the launch of Christian Asian Mental Health, I (DJ) have engaged in numerous conversations with ministry leaders, counselors, researchers, nonprofits, advocates, and friends, every one of them very encouraging. Here’s a year in review. I was also blessed to receive a couple dozen donations from partners who supported CAMH in its infancy. This funding … Read more

The Urgency is Now for AAPI Mental Health

The past 2½ weeks included travels to Atlanta, Georgia, Rockville, Maryland, and Washington, DC, to engage with people in-person about mental health, especially for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. Read the update by clicking on the image below + subscribe for future updates for convenient delivery to your email inbox. Engaging with people at these … Read more

8/28/23 Dialogue on AAPI Mental Health in Atlanta

Asian American & Pacific Islander Christian pastors, therapists, nonprofit leaders, and people with lived experience in the metro ATLANTA area—you are invited to this special gathering on Monday 8/28 at 12:00pm for dialogue on faith, AAPI, and mental health. Learn more about the special guest DJ Chuang. Please register for this free event so … Read more

subscribe to CAMH updates by email

CAMH is starting to get a bit more organized in its communications via this free email newsletter (powered by Substack.) The email updates will sent out no more than once a month, while real-time updates may be posted to the CAMH blog more frequently. Read the first update about the good things happening this summer … Read more