Asian American Christian Network of Atlanta’s Mental Health Resource List

This mental health resource list compiled by Asian American Christian Network of Atlanta is valuable, both for people in the Atlanta area, and as an example for other cities and regions to do likewise. This list consists of ministries, spiritual directors, counselors, and mental health professionals. Asian American Christian Network of Atlanta

Join or Start a Healing Group

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Does your church desire to join Jesus in caring for one another, making time to listen to one another’s stories without judgment, on a journey to healing and deeper freedom in Jesus? If so, healing groups are a wonderful resource to consider.  1. What is a healing group?    A healing group is designed to be … Read more

Christian Mental Health Support Groups for Churches

Facilitating and hosting support groups provide care, belonging, and community in very personal and relational ways. Mental Health America has noted that “Research and experience show that peer support specialists have a transformative effect on both individuals and systems.“ Here is a curated list of published resources, workbooks, and curriculums with content and structure that … Read more

Mental Health Resources at Asian American Churches

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Christian mental health resources for Asian Americans are slowly becoming more available as more counselors, therapists, psychiatrists, theologians, pastors, and ministry leaders develop resources that relate better to the specific cultural and racial context of Asian American church communities. This post provides a short list of those resources we’ve found; please add more to this … Read more

Free Access to Enlighten Mental Health Library


Enlighten Mental Health Ministry hosted events from 2018 to 2022 that addresses mental health openly in a Christian context at Chinese Christian Church of Thousand Oaks in California. Enlightens’ mission was to encourage, educate, and empower individuals and families facing the realities of mental illness to lighten our burden. Rev., Dr. Curtis Lowe was the … Read more

Asian American Christian Mental Health: Spirituality and Counseling

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When mental health challenges happen in someone’s life, there are many different ways to help that person with care and support. Depending on the individual’s personal background, context, and faith community, discovering the path to health and wellness, treatment and recovery, takes grace and effort, persistence and discernment. In this workshop titled, “Mental Health And … Read more

Co-Creating a Continuum of Care

This picture visualization shows what an Asian American church can do to demonstrate care for the mental health and mental wellness of its community, inside and outside of its church walls: Let’s unpack the CAMH framework of these 5 ingredients listed in the previous update: There are other models and frameworks for church and mental … Read more